Friday, February 26, 2010

Mess Up

I've been messing up my own time!

My afternoon nap is longer than sleep at night!

I only sleep two hours at night! Ooppss! Not at night, it's actually midnight. And this really makes me feel super tired in the morning, and have swollen eyes.

This is all because of homework!

Although I spend around five hours to do it, I just couldn't complete it. I don't know why. If you ask me, why not do it during the day, I will definitely answer "NO!" I will be 'fishing' and my brain couldn't work! As I've said, I only sleep two hours at night! Do you expect my brain to work 24 hours a day?! There is a BIG pile of homework still incomplete. Hope I can get it done within these weekend.

Oh! I almost forgot that there is a family gathering this Sunday! Shit!

Could I tune my time back to normal?

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