Sunday, December 20, 2009

What's Your Flavour of Glutinous Rice Balls?

Going to celebrate the winter solstice or we called it "dong zhi"冬至) tomorrow (Sunday).
Everything is going to be simple as this will just be a small gathering with family and close relatives.

The main attraction (to me at least) will be the glutinous rice balls.
Miss eating them lots.
I could only eat them once a year.

My mum, brother and me were planning what fillings for the glutinous rice balls would taste great.
We usually use brown rock sugar.
But, you'll get bored sometimes, you see what I mean.
This year we want to try something new.

My brother suggested chocolates, fruits, butter...whatever he could think of!

Hahahahaha. Creative much.
But, won't the tatse be awful if it's butter?
Hmm...i've no idea what it'll going to taste like.

I personally want to try chocolates as the fillings.
New style lah weih. Lol.
Who knows it might turn out good?

My mum on the other side would like to try using peanut butter.
This one won't be bad, I think.

Let's look forward to tomorrow.
See what type of glutinous rice balls we're going to serve.

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