Thursday, December 31, 2009


Very sad to say that one of the hamsters we reared was dead.
It was the bigger one.
How could that happen?!
Only ten days!
My brother just brought it back on the 20th of this month.

It used to be the naughtier one, jumping around hoping to climb out of the box.
But it was behaving abnormally yesterday.
It became very quiet and hid itself in the corner rather than jumping around.

My mum later said that its right leg might be hurt, causing it to hobble very slowly.
It must be suffering in pain.
Just couldn't bear seeing it like that.
But we could do nothing.

And so it left us this afternoon.

The other one seems to be very lonely after its mate is no longer around to play with.

Although it just be with us for a week and, frankly, I rarely play with it, it still made me a bit sad.
You know sometimes, you won't feel anything when somebody or something is around, but you'll just feel sad when they are not here anymore.

May it rest in peace.

♥ you deep inside my heart

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