Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back and Forth

Last Sunday, got my lazy ass out of the sofa and headed to Midvalley with my eldest brother, and his girlfriend and third elder brother. The main purpose was actually my eldest brother and third elder brother had something to deal with handphone line. I joined them just to fill up my tremendous boring holidays.

We reached there around 4 p.m. and went to Maxis Centre in The Gardens. My eldest brother then dumped both of us to berdua-duaan with his girlfriend. Lol.

We had nothing else to do. We later made up our mind to go for a karaoke session rather than watching movie because we weren't interested in any of the movies showing at that time.

After 4 hours of singing, it was already 8 p.m. We strolled around and lingered in the CD shop since the other two were not out of the cinema yet.

Later, eldest brother called third brother to meet at Digi Centre in Midvalley, but he heard Maxis Centre by mistake. Thus, we walked back and forth between Midvalley and The Gardens. I think it had three times altogether on that day. Tired of walking.

Oh ya, I met Connie at The Gardens, if I wasn't mistaken. Haha. But I didn't greet her. Sorry ya, Connie.

When we reached the right location, they were still busy dealing with the Digi staff. We waited for a very very long time before they were done with it. We thought, "Fuh! At last can go back!".

But, we were wrong! On the way to The Gardens parking lot, they stopped and decided to go back to the centre to get everything done! Oh gosh! No way! We didn't follow them of course. Our legs were damn sore and tired. So, we waited for them.

Finally, we could go home around 10 p.m.! Oh! Thanks God! 

Fortunately, we already had buffet in RedBox. Eventhough it was very little, but it saved me from starving to death. Oh no! Touchwood! Haha.

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