Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 Science 2 Class Party

Well well well...
We just had our class party at Michelle's house on Monday!
I must say that her house is extremely nice!
I shouldn't be surprised as she is living in Taman Esplanad which is a residential area for the rich people.
And and...
Her younger brother is damn cute!
I bet everyone will laugh when they see his acts.
His own made sound effect was giler funny!
You can surely hear "Phuah Phuah Phuaahh" when he was playing PlayStation.

Back to the point.

We ate sushi, pizza, spaghetti and some others.
I wished to have more sushi!
I just ate two.
That's not enough for me.

The boys, Viknes to be more specific, had a crazy time playing with the bouncy ball!
All sorts of things they played with the ball.

Games are played after the meal.
Water balloon, musical chair are common games played in a party.
There was another game which I think is called "Honey, I Love You".
Too bad I missed all these fun activities because I left early that day.

Wish to have another class party!
Thanks to all 4 Science 2 fellows!
Love ya everyone! ^^

So sorry to say that I couldn't snap any pictures of the party as I didn't bring my handphone along.
Other classmates most probably have posted some on Facebook, I guess.
Go check it yourself.
Shoooo~~ =)

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