Thursday, November 26, 2009


After "concealing" myself in my home-sweet-home for a week, I finally caught up with a couple of friends for a movie treat in Midvalley.
Our choice was nothing better than the profusely praised end-of world movie, 2012.

I would give it 10 thumbs-up for the graphic.
It was so freaking real.
I would have thought that I was in the movie too, if it was in 3D.
Somehow, I found it quite unbelievable and impossible for some scenes, like the one when Jackson could actually climb back up to the ground after the bus he was in, fell in between the cracks of earthquakes.
That looked quite fake to me.
Anyway, it is still an excellent movie.

Weird encounters of the day
  1. Chow Hwee and I were waiting for bus at the bus stop nearby my house when we were greeted by a weird old man. I should name him Uncle Jesus since he talked lots about Jesus. I supposed most Saujanians should know this old folk who always wanders around the school compound, usually at the front gate, talking to students. As you can guess, he came up to us and started his grandpa stories. Rachel who joined us later also had to "social" with him. He had talked for more than 30 minutes, non-stop.
  2. When we were about to enter Midvalley, we encountered two young ladies who was trying to convince us to their so-called donate.
Guess we were unlucky today.

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