Saturday, September 26, 2009


My Raya holidays going to end in two days time.
During this one-week holiday, I just eat, play and sleep.
So free and relaxing.
This is the real meaning of "holiday" to me.

Sometimes I look at the floor and my mind goes "travelling".
I don't know where it "travels" though.
However, I just like this absent-minded condition because sometimes I get too busy until I don't have enough time to rest.
This is the only time when I can be so free.
So, I won't compain that this holiday is boring.
Actually, I want more holidays.
Weird thinking horr?
Sorry, I can't help it.

And my sleeping time has undergone a 180° turn.
I sleep at 5 a.m. everyday.
And wake up at 3 p.m.
Goodness gracious me!
Don't think I'm insane.
I'm 101% normal.


Actually, I still have Chemistry homework, but I just don't have the mood to get it done.
Last minute work again.

I still can't find a suitable video for the EST presentation.
Apa boleh buat?

Ate a lot of mooncakes these few days.
And I realised I'm getting fatter already!
Oh oohh~
Too late to realise.
Fat frog is coming on the way.
I don't want arghhh!

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