Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Can't Think of a Title

The first three periods were used to settle the Rumusan Penilaian Tahunan Kokurikulum.
Dewan Terbuka was packed with students!
~People mountain people sea~

And then horr...
Sooooo many people cut queue!
At first only one or two...
Then, more and more people cut queue!!!
Tak tau beratur sendiri ke??!!!
Feel like kicking their ass!!!

Wing Kan and Viknes brought mooncakes to school!
Sooooo mouth-watering!
I just tried Wing Kan's but couldn't try Viknes'.
It was a chocolate with i-don't-know-what flavour.
Thanks Wing Kan~

Moral lessons were boring but there were also some funny things happened.
Felt that teacher was kinda weird today.
The way she talked was different from last time.
Made Dar and me kept on laughing.
But Dar laughed more.
I think teacher liked Shien Yik today.
She asked him to say out the definsi for many times.

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