Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to Normal


I'm back!

Due to internet connection problem, I couldn't online for a few days.
My brother complained to the TM (around last week) regarding the slow speed of internet connection.

Since TM couldn't increase the speed, they had to upgrade our speed to 2Mbps (we didn't request for that...hehe).
At first, we were happy about it, but it turned out a disaster!

The line disconnected every 10 minutes!
And we were only able to reconnect manually after a "10-minute resting period"!
What the...???!!!
Online for 10 minutes and disconnected for 10 minutes???!!!
Don't pray pray ah~

This problem got worse until we could only reconnect after 30 minutes!!!
We (actually my brothers) had called TM numerous times.
We hope that they could settle this but failed!

After some discussions among us siblings, we decided to buy a new modem router!
We made this decision because we thought it might because of the old modem couldn't support 2Mbps.

So, my brother bought Belkin's product as it is the most reliable and recommended by most professional IT people.
And we have to share the expenses among us.
I don't quite know how much exactly it cost but it will definitely cause me "pokai" for a period of time as it is very expensive.

And now, we are enjoying the fast connection speed with the same price as the previous package which only supply 1Mbps.

Although we still have to spend some of our own pocket money for the modem router but afterall, I think it is worth it.

Thanks sooooo much to my brothers who solved this problem.
m(_ _)m

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