Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Over


July Monthly Test is over!!!

Add Maths paper was terrible!!!
I didn't finish the paper!!!
Even the graph also I didn't have the time to draw!!!
I wasted a lot of time on "Logarithms".
Felt quite disappointed after the test.
I could have done better.
Actually the questions weren't that tough.
But we must do lots of long working steps!
I'm totally a failure in Add Maths!!!
I just can't do it.
I think I'm gonna give up in Add Maths.

Anyway, just forget about it first.
(atleast for these few days...because the results won't be out so fast)
It would be much better to enjoy my weekends.

Oh yeah...
I should be blogging about the TALENT HUNT ages ago.
But my plan was postponed due to the test.
Where should I start first?
Let's see...

As a whole, the event was great!!!
Although it wasn't 100% perfect, but at least it was much much more better than I had expected.
I should say "WELL DONE" to all the comittees of TALENT HUNT!!!
You guys are awesome!!!
Really really hope that it will gonna be Saujana annual event.

I reached school around 11 a.m.
Went to find Vyn Gie with Dardar.
Then, we sat in the hall to watch the contestants who were busy doing sound check.
The event officially started at 12:30 p.m.
Moments later, Jia Min, Hui Yee, Vanessa, Mei Yin and Rachel were back to school from the Taiwan Educational Fair.
After Vyn Gie's performance, we went round the school to search for food.
Oh ya...
Not to forget that I met some of the ex-Seri Mega-nianz there.
I guess they couldn't recognise me.
Later on was Semi Final which was after a short break.
I guess they were running out of time.
So, the Final Round was cancelled.
(hope that i'm not giving the wrong info)
Results were obtained based on the votes and judges.
And so...
The event ended!

The 2nd Runner-up performing

Vineswaran the STICK

The judges

The Champion

The 1st Runner-up

The 2nd Runner-up

The Champion Band

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