Friday, August 7, 2009

H2O: Did You Know Show

Let's talk about Wednesday...

The first few periods were free because teacher didn't came.
So, we discussed about the BM Lisan.
[but seemed like Lupete wrote most of the script...the other four childish kids were playing most of the time...paiseh >_<]

We were told that we were going to Elken right after recess!
Skipped all the lessons after recess!
It was raining when we departed to Elken Platinum Hall (opposite Pearl Point, Jalan Klang Lama).
Besides our class, 4 Sains 1 were going too.
Two buses took us there.

As soon as we reached, we were welcomed by them.
[macam kita ni orang besar...ada orang menyambut kedatangan punyer XD]
We listened to a brief introduction about H2O.
The man's pronunciation made us laughed like mad.
Because he pronounced "r" as "l" and vice versa.
Some of the funny ones were "dabulan" (taburan), "penggilaan" (pengiraan) and more. Hahahahaha~~~

Here he is!

Then, we went to explore everything about water.
At the same time, we had to search for the answers for the quiz throughout the "journey".
I had to mention that it was freaking cold inside!
My hands were as cold as ice!
Later, we watched some simple yet interesting experiments conducted by two funny guys.
One's laughing made us laughed.
The other one looked like Encik Chan (Form 2 Geografi teacher).
Even the photographer was funny.
After that, few of us went to play game.
It was some kind of like throwing rubber bands into the bottles.
Then, we played a quiz and the prize was a tin of cookies!
And went back to school.

p/s: Photos not taken by me. They are from Whatsh2o website.

Reached school just in time.
We then ate lunch at Ajimal Razim.

Started to rehearse the drama we will be presenting for BM Lisan.
We were more like playing a fool than rehearsing.
[maklumlah four of us also so childish...when get together, the childishness will be doubled!]
During break time, we ate the cookies that Shien Yik won from the quiz earlier.
After rehearsing, our childishness rose to the peak!
We were walking around on the sits in the pondok, chasing each other!
Went back around 4.30 p.m.

The stupid silly idiot guard didn't allow me to get out of school!!!
[not because of ponteng =.=]
His face was damn damn damn idiotic!!!
Feel like chopping him into pieces!!!

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