Monday, August 3, 2009

Enjoyable Sunday


This morning memang kanasai.
Somebody woke me up.
When I opened my eyes, I saw.....
My cousin sister!!!
She frightened me!!!
Aiyooo~Miss C~~~Apa lu buat ni??? Terperanjat aku...

Today I suddenly remembered about the bird nest which I got when I went for Wan Chean's Concert.
I asked my mum when she does want to drink it.
We had some conversations after that.
One which I remembered most was...
She asked me...
"Why do you like Wan Chean? Why your taste so "special" wan?"
I was so sooo sooooo speechless at that moment.

Went shopping with my mummy at Central.

Something unusual happened!
I wore a dress today!
[cheh~so what? =.=]
I rarely wear dress and skirts nowadays (except school uniform =.=).
Seldom see myself so lady.
I even wore heels!
I have not wear heels for quite a long time.
The consequence is...
My soles are freaking pain!
Blame myself.
Silly me.

When we both were in the room choosing clothes, mum said something which made me speechless again!
I asked her why my three brothers also like to wear that kind of shirts?
She replied...
"Why? You want to wear is it? Be a tomboy lah. Just like Wan Chean."
Mummy ahh~~~
I was just asking why they have the same style of shirts.
But you answered me a different thing!
Oh myyyyyy~~~

I found out that many things I did today were related to coffees.
First, I drank a cup of White Coffee for my brunch.
Then, a man kept on hard selling his coffee.
Later, a lady non-stop asking us about coffees.
So coincident!
My Coffee Day?!

What's for dinner tonight?
Vegetarian dish + Curry???!!!

("buono" means delicious in Italian)

Still damn full now.
Ate a lot of longans just now.

It's too late now!
Tomorrow have to stay back to practise BM Lisan.
Till 5 p.m.!!!

Nitez ^^

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