Monday, July 13, 2009

Hazy Monday

During assembly, Encik Faizal asked all the girls to stand up!
Cause he wanted to give taklimat about kekemasan diri pelajar perempuan!
Sot arhh???!!!
Sooooo embarrassing!

These are the quotes from him:

"Don't be so CHEAP!"

"Kamu adalah MAHAL!"

"Kamu tidak ternilai!"

"Nanti kamu DIRO..."

Puan Sufiza got mad, again!
Gave us Folio PJK some more!
Mad woman!

Today giler HAZY!!!

My class ended at 1:45p.m. on Monday.
But I reached home around 3 p.m. just now!
My car aunty larh!
Tak tau kenapa dia tu lambat datang!
I phoned her but nobody pick up the phone!
She said she left her handbag at home!

That's all for today.
Signing off now.
Wanna have a short nap.
Later need to do Karangan arh!
Don't know when I can finish it!


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