Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Aku sudah mau pengsan lah!!!

Dah lah sakit...!!!

Nak buat kerja rumah lagi...!!!

Dah ada kerja rumah masih tak cukup...!!!

Mau buat folio lagi!!!!!




Siapa boleh selamatkan aku?!?!?!

Just now after school...
Just because I went to toilet (sudah behtahan~if still don't buka paip, paip will bocor~XD) and came out late...
My car auntie went off!!!
What the...???!!!
Then, I gave her a phone call...
She said:
"You came out so late...I thought you got stay back mah..."
Only late 10 minutes, okay?!

While I was on the way to make the phone call...
I saw the Rocket Competition which was going on at the basketball court!
The rockets flew damn high!!!

Tomorrow will be taking part in the Treasure Hunt!!!
At first, my Dardar and me were supposed to group with Jia Min and Vanessa...
But, they changed their mind...
Don't want to take part already...
Both of us group with Farn Ye and the gang!!!

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